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Week 6 – Business Christmas Countdown
Business Christmas Countdown

My final Christmas Countdown pulls it all together.

We have explored strategy, planning, measurement, review, and risk in context of the year ahead –in other words setting the rhythm, for your business in 2021.

Now it’s time to set the pace…

1. First, identify the frequency that each of the steps need to occur. Review your strategy and risks at the same time each year, enabling you to pull together your plan for the year ahead.

2. Each quarter take time out to see how you are progressing against the strategic goals or against those actions that will mitigate risks. Revisit the risk exercise from week 5 mid-year to keep it fresh.

3. Set aside time each month to measure your performance against the plan.

4. Think about what makes sense for the frequency of measurement for your performance indicators – it may be monthly for all of them, weekly or even daily for some.
Make sure that the data is gathered and recorded in a consistent manner and there is a clear owner for the data.

5. Most importantly – get all of this in the diary for the year. Create a schedule so you and others can see how it all fits together.


If you have followed my Christmas Countdown, you now have your performance management process in place and ready to kick-start 2021!

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