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Week 1 – Business Christmas Countdown
Business Christmas Countdown

Let’s gain clarity on your longer-term goal and strategy for success.

1. Write down your vision.
Where do you want your business to be in 3 years-time? Read it out loud…does it make you smile?! Does it feel right or are you writing what you think you should rather than what you really want?

2. Think about your values.
Start by thinking about what is important to you then think about people and businesses you admire and enjoy working with. Are they clear communicators, do they embrace change, are they solutions focused? Identify what you like and what is important to you.

3. The next step is to think about critical success factors.
You are likely to have more than one thing that is critical for your goals to be achieved. It may be to develop a unique customer experience or to break into new markets. Check that if you nail these success factors, you will have met your definition of success. If not, what is missing or needs changed?

4. Lastly, share your vision.
Engaging with your team and trusted network may result in them realising how they can contribute more. Suppliers may be able to offer a service or commercial structure that is a better fit for your business if they know where you are heading.