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I’m an independent profit coach based in Edinburgh and across Scotland and I love working hand-in-hand with ambitious business owners. help them understand and improve how the
business performs so they can achieve their long term goals.

Growing a profitable business with healthy cash flow isn’t easy. It is challenging, sometimes pressured and often feels uncomfortable. With 20+ years’ experience in corporate finance, planning and performance and having worked with over 50 business owners in the last 5 years I get it! I can help.

That’s why I’m a profit coach. It’s why I set up Simplify Performance so that I can help business owners along their journey and make a difference.

Keeping it simple

Small, medium or large, the size of your business doesn’t matter.

New, developing or established, the stage of your business also doesn’t matter.

The important truth is that the same simple techniques can be applied. With my support and guidance to implement these methods, I will help to bring focus, recognition and clarity so you can make positive changes to manage the performance of the business, take control and support you to start delivering your vision and robust strategy.

I will help you build a successful business you are proud of.

The right support for you.

I offer three support package options depending on your specific business requirements:


“The Guide”
Showing you what to do to implement Profit First into your business and reviewing progress and setting tasks at each of our monthly calls.


“The Coach”
Profit First implementation and helping you to learn how to view your business, to understand its performance and what makes a difference, looking into and planning for the future.


“The Partner”
Profit First implementation, understanding performance and the options and possible outcomes for the future. Keeping your business on track by reviewing performance on a monthly basis through a bespoke management report.

Latest News.

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My promise to you.

Openness, Honesty, Respect, Integrity and Passion.

Let’s simplify your performance.

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