Profit First Packages


Subscription Packages and Pricing Information

I offer three levels of subscription packages. It will depend on the stage and size of your business as to which one is most suitable for you.

As the package level increases the involvement and depth of knowledge I have of your business increases. I like to think of the role I have is as a guide, coach or partner.

A guide is someone who shows the way to others. In this scenario I will be showing you what to do to implement profit first into your business and reviewing progress and setting tasks at each of our monthly calls.

A coach unlocks potential to maximise performance. In this case I will be helping you to learn how to view your business, to understand its performance and what makes a difference to it and to look into and plan for the future.

A partner is someone who is associated with others in a common activity or sphere of interest. In this case I will be helping you do what I do for my own businesses – understand the options and possible outcomes for the future, review the performance of the business on a monthly basis through a month management report that contains the information you need to be able to intervene and make decisions to keep your business on track.

‘The Guide’
from £150 pcm excl VAT
‘The Coach’
from £300 pcm excl VAT
‘The Partner’
from £750 pcm excl VAT
Profit First Assessment
Monthly progress review call with agreed actions to be taken by client for next month
Monthly coaching call including progress review and looking to the future
- Making decisions such as whether you can afford to take on staff, vehicles, premises
Ad-hoc support between calls
- WhatsApp and email during normal business hours
Monthly management report
- Includes KPIs that are relevant for you achieving your current year plan and business goals
Scenario planning for the business
- The ‘what if’ thoughts for the next 3-5 years
- The scenarios that pop into your head when you have space to think and dream
Minimum subscription period 6 months 6 months 12 months

If you are interested or just want to know more please contact me

Mobile: 07904 836 984